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this is me when i think of anime

2017-05-29 13:19:45 by DaKedar


Important announcement

2017-05-15 13:20:40 by DaKedar

Please follow:
He's the best polish animator right now. Just look at his tezts. His animation skills are similar to @Krinakles definitely a person worth to talk!!!
Please unfollow:
He's just meh animator right now. Since we have M1de now, we don't need him. His senseless behaviour brings shame to the polish community, and it makes me sad because I'm a Pole.

@0rockluki0 @luna-pl @xKirxeee - Like above. 

Just follow me and M1de and everything will be fine



2017-04-19 11:40:17 by DaKedar

Please come back. 



2017-04-16 18:18:07 by DaKedar

I guess I'd better be cartious the next time I watch Madness Combat cartoon. Sometimes I start feeling dizzy when I do it. I walk up to the nearest mirror,and see a round head with a cross on it rather than my face. When I scratch my eyes its gone. Regardless Madness Combat by @Krinkels is like a drug. A bit like heroin

we just don't know

2017-04-14 16:46:21 by DaKedar



2017-04-06 16:23:12 by DaKedar

My new best friend is @lysakov220674931805 he's smart and he hates that fag @kryy 

btw I still don't know who's dasker is please tell me it is very important ok thanks 


dasker who?

2017-04-05 12:30:45 by DaKedar

He called me a dumbass literally for no reason.


are you pround of your country?

2017-03-29 16:12:26 by DaKedar

i bet you are 

Dake's sprites pack v1

2017-03-27 15:38:10 by DaKedar




2017-03-25 17:07:39 by DaKedar

If I don't know you, then please, don't talk to me. I'm afraid of talking with people, which I don't know. 

People which I don't know, but they're keep talking to me: